Veteran Surf Project

A.B.N. 80 963 903 786

6 January 2022

Objects and Mission Statement

  1. To provide current and former Australian Defence Force members and their families with community connections via social surfboard riding activities.
  2. To provide surfing therapy for healing the mental and physical wounds suffered during military service.
  3. To provide a supportive “veteran family” network outside of military service for veterans experiencing social isolation, physical challenges, and mental health challenges.
  4. To provide learn to surf programs to veterans and their family members free of charge, via funding obtained from government grants and community donations.
  5. To promote awareness of the physical and mental health challenges faced by veterans without judgement or prejudice.
  6. To explore and promote the use of ocean surfing therapy as an effective natural therapy model for regaining physical and mental well-being.

Rusty Moran – Chairman

Kate Daniel – Secretary


Text Rusty on 0414 245 216

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