Surf. Recover. Thrive.

Surf therapy for Australian Veterans.

Surfing for healing.

PTSD is a serious mental health condition that can have life changing effects on its sufferers.
The Veteran Surf Project is a not-for-profit organisation that offers support to Australian veterans suffering from PTSD.
The Veteran Surf Project aims to help veterans with PTSD through surf therapy and other activities.
We also work with communities to raise awareness of the condition and provide support for those affected by it.

How surfing can help veterans recover

Surfing puts us into a flow state, where we’re waiting for a wave, then when we get on the wave we’ve got about 5 or 10 seconds where we’re fully focused and in the present moment, thinking of nothing else but being on that wave.

Soldiers are trained the same way, to wait patiently and then burst into action, and get that big adrenaline hit.

This similarity makes it a natural process for soldiers to tap into the amazing healing benefits of surfing, and the ocean.

Get Involved

Whether you're a veteran looking to participate, a mental health professional or academic looking to get involved in the study, or just looking to volunteer and learn about surf therapy, we'd love to hear from you.

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Where Are You Located

Meeting location is 200 Crooked River Road, Gerroa, NSW 2534.

What Does It Cost

There is no cost to veterans. The project is funded by DVA under the Supporting Younger Veterans Grant, administered by Keith Payne VC Veterans Benefits Group, a registered Charity.

Who Is Eligible

Non serving veterans are immediately eligible.

Serving veterans will be eligible once we obtain chain of command approval which will take a few weeks.

Are There Any Prerequisites

Apart from being able to swim, there is no other pre requisite assessment.

Is This Only For PTSD Sufferers

You do not not need to have PTSD to join, and you won’t be asked if you do.

If I Join, What Are My Obligations

Participation in the research study is voluntary and all data collected is anonymous so there’s no impact on DVA benefits entitlements.

Just be ready to commit to show up for your crew, have a laugh while learning the difficult but very rewarding sport of surfing  with a bunch of legends and see what happens. From our experience, we have seen how addictive the surf is and it’s likely you’ll be hooked on surfing for life!

Send me a text if you’re keen to get involved.

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Text Rusty on 0414 245 216

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